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A Patent is an intangible asset to the owner; so we guarantee 100% security and confidentially about the concept till it is registered under the Government to remove the threat of sharing your concept/Idea; while the idea is till raw the government has made a provision to file patent to preserve your rights.

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Utility Patent

Patent can be obtained on any new process, invention, idea or product on which you want your complete ownership. Patent is a government provided legal right on your invention which excludes others from using, selling or licensing it without your approval. A patented product has more valuation in the market as it is government authenticated and it will be treated as an asset.


A patented product or invention has a huge evaluation in the market as it is an intangible asset. So to share the idea before filing a patent can end up in serious consequences. If you decide to file a patent with IPFIDE we guarantee 100 % confidentiality and along with that for your trust we sign a Non –Disclosure Agreement (NDA) where both the parties agree to keep the Idea safe only then the procedure will be taken ahead:

Submission of Non- Disclosure Document (NDA)

Before you share the core of the innovation IPFIDE asks you to fill a NDA form that has been framed by our legal assignee. In the form your personal detail along with the basic or complete idea needs to be filled and sent back to us. This document is a contact that both the parties will maintain confidentiality till the patent is grant. Based on the information received further procedures will be proceeded.

Patent Search

Once the NDA is received our representative based on the brief detail you have provided in the contact will perform the verification process. If our representative is not satisfied with the details he will contact you to get clarity regarding the innovation. Once the search procedure is complete you will be provided with a detail report about the inventions that are either closely related or matches your innovation. Based on the result our representative will guide you further.

Temporary Filing (Provisional)

You can protect an Idea or Innovation before it has been completely finalized. This is possible with provisional filing. Indian system believes in first-to-file system, it means if a person has filed a provisional patent he will be the owner of the idea even before he has finalized it. So this is a window that government has provided for the researchers who has to share their idea while working with other colleagues, to keep it safe from being copied by filing a provisional.

Permanent Filing (Complete)

While filing for patent two procedures can be followed either to file a direct complete patent or first filing a provisional and within 12 months to file a Complete. Complete filing is the disclosure of the entire concept of the innovation along with its advantages its complete working and the claims for which you will be granted ownership. All these points needs to be carefully framed and submitted as you will be getting license for a highly valuable asset.

Indian Utility Patent - Flow Process


Document Required...! Submit Non Disclosure Form (NDA) Feel free to contact us for more information.

Benefits & Facilities

Patent Watch

Once the patent has been filed or has been granted, there are procedures that need to be taken care of, like the renewal, opposition, or litigation. We offer patent watch services in order to help clients understand the patent filing trends of competitors. IPFIDE consultancy provides a facility called Patent Watch to keep you updated regarding any such event. Know more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to fill a NDA?
Yes, for you. It gives you a confidence to disclose your idea with our representative without the fear of the idea or innovation being copied.
Do you search only in India for similar Patent?
No, along with a national search we also provide an International Search result.
Why is it necessary to have a patent search before filing?
When you have made an innovation there is wide scope that you might be completely aware about the inventions in your localities but when you file a patent the innovation needs to be exclusive all over the world. So this search provides you with an assurance that your innovation is unique and can be patented.
What can be patented?
The following things can be patented: 1) A process, method or manner of manufacturing 2) Machine or apparatus 3) Computer software that is attached to hardware or has a functioning attached to hardware. 4) Product patent for medicine, chemical composition, plant ,any new and useful improvement, Design etc.
If there is a similar patent is there any scope that I can file?
The basic concept of patent says that if 1% of your idea or innovation is unique to the existing product you are capable of filing and claiming for your innovation.
What is the benefit of filing provisional?
It helps to establish “Priority” right over the invention. It is less expensive to file and the owner can learn about its true market value before filing for complete patent.
Can I patent software?
No, Indian system does not allow a patent for a software but if it deals with a hardware or it can be described as a process with hardware interaction then it can be molded into a patentable concept.
What are the basic criteria for anything to be patentable?
The process, idea, invention or product should be innovative(i.e. not obvious), novel (shouldn't have been anticipated in any published document) and industrially applicable (possess utility).
What are the contents that need to be provided by me while filing provisional?
You are required to provide us the basic details like the existing product , the advantages of your product, the criteria’s you have overcome of the existing product and the miracles you can do with your product and the technologies you have used.
When does the provisional document expire?
The provisional document will be abandoned after 12 months from the date of filing so a complete filing needs to b done within that time span.
Within what duration should I file the Complete after I have filed a Provisional?
Provisional filing expires after 12 months from the date of filing, so before the entire idea gets abandoned by the government a complete filing needs to be submitted within 12 months.
When does a Patent Expire?
The patent falls into public domain after 20 years from the date of filing.
What is the benefit of patent filing?
It provides priority right to the owner and gives legal protection against any infringements.
How can I inform others that I have applied for patent for this particular product?
Till the patent is not granted by the government you are eligible to use the tag “Patent Pending” to warn others from infringing.

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