Upgrade Your School College Institute Country with IPR Culture.

The main aim of this IP CELL is to provide a single package solution for all your Intellectual Property & Documentation needs. In other countries, it’s a common practice that, they have an IP Cell whose main function is to evaluate the Project ideas, research papers, Major Projects, College Projects, proposed product names, whether they are patentable or can have a copyright over it or can be trademarked. So we want to put forth an Idea to establish an IP cell in your Institute and to lead this institute in the same direction.

Intellectual Property has a SHELF Life of Banana, USE IT Before you LOSE IT!

This is the Best time to Invest in Property Which Intelletual

Upgrade Your Institute's ACCREDITATION with the help of PATENT Filing

Patent filing can play considerable role to upgrade your institute's ranking, We have attached some documents for your reference with comments.

By summarize the NAAC Document we would like to inform that Patent filing and IP CELL can have a major impact in the Accreditation on autonomous colleges by almost covering a score of 280 points out of 700.

The UGC document contains the compared API score with respect to patent and other activities specially for the faculties and Patent Covers a minimum score of 20 API.

In AICTE we can earn almost 20 % of the total score just with the help of IPR as here the accreditation includes design Patent and Copyright filing along with Patent filing which is simple procedure and will get registered within short time span.

This is one of the best opportunity for your college to earn the extra points to improve the grading with Patent and copyright filing

IPFIDE Services for Intitutions


An all-in-one Solution for your Institute's IPR needs

·       The Institute will be helped to establish its own IP CELL to promote patent, copyright & Trademark filing for its personal benefits.

·       Students will be taught the method of Self-filing in the field of copyright, Patent, and Trademark

·       Your Institute's working employees or students can approach or consult us regarding the ongoing projects and the guidance will be provided under the benefit of the Institution.

·       All the students attending the workshop will be provided with a certificate.

·       All the members attending the seminar will be registered as our permanent member.

·       The members will be provided with free consultancy and guidance during their research to pursue their projects in the direction of patent or copyright.

·       Contents of patent filing

·       E-filing