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Every company or institute that stands out prominently in the market is due to their distinctive recipe of innovating something new.


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Copyright registration gives the owner a legal right i.e. registration establishes a public record of the copyright claim and acts as an essential evidence in case of any dispute.

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  • Free Counsiling
  • Free Public Search
  • No Power of Attorney
  • Trademark Filing
  • On Demand IP WatchDog
  • On Demand Goverment Objection Reply
  • On Demand Goverment Hearing


  • Free Counsiling
  • Free Public Search
  • No Power of Attorney
  • Trademark Filing
  • Free IP WatchDog
  • Free Goverment Objection Reply
  • Free Goverment Hearing
  • Free MSME Certificate
  • Free Digital Signature

Frequently Asked Questions

Hrer are some answer most Frequently Asked Question by our customer. In case you have any further querry you can refer our IP Knowledge Bank or you can Call Us on +91 9179999422

What if someone has a similar word trademarked?

In this case you cannot get the word as it has already been taken but all is not over you can design a unique design/logo that contains this word and can apply for the TM. Even you can use a Prefix to the word which is also permissible.

When can I use ™ symbol and when can I use ®?
Should I file the trademark in my own name?

Usually the large business would prefer to get it in the name of the company but the start-up founders register it under their own name. This is done because even if the start-up company doesn’t work the name will be valid regardless of the company as it is owned by the owner.

Will my TM application be valid across the world?

No, the applied application will only be valid in India.

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We help in amplifying research works developed by any institution or by an individual with IPR filing along with providing support for commercialization. Our experts are skilled to identify potential patents and copyrights from the work done so as to enhance the personal portfolio of the individual and improve the institution’s National Ranking.

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