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Copyright protect Literature, Software, Video and all the work created by an artist. Copyright registration gives the owner a legal right along with a recorded proof of claim that act as an essential evidence in case pf any dispute.

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Copyright registration gives the owner a legal right i.e. registration establishes a public record of the copyright claim and acts as an essential evidence in case of any dispute.

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Copyright Protects, work of authorship that is in intangible form of expression, for a time span of 60 years depending upon the work of art. Copyright is a legal right given to the creator of artistic work, dramatics, musical, literary, cinematography films and sound recordings. It gives the owner the right to translate the work, reproduce it and to communicate it to the public protecting it from any kind of infringement.


To file a copyright you just need to provide us your personal details and the details regarding the type of work you need to have a copyright on along with 3 copies of your work.

Submission of Non- Disclosure Document (NDA)

Our associate will sent you a mail attached with a form that needs to be filled with your personal details and the details regarding the work you want to get a copyright on. We would require you to provide us with 3 copies of your work.

Copyright Filing

Once the details are obtained you are required to transfer the mentioned fees to the company account. Our representative will file the copyright and provide you with the Dairy Number within 48 hours along with 3 forms that needs to be signed by you.

Copyright Registration

With the Diary Number, you can now publish your work fearlessly. The further Registration procedure takes around 4 to 12 months. Our representative will keep you updated regarding the changing status of the copyright procedure.


Document Required...! Submit Non Disclosure Form (NDA) Feel free to contact us for more information.

Benefits & Facilities

Patent Watch

Once the copyright has been filed or has been granted there are procedures that need to be taken care of like the objections, oppositions or litigations. We offer copyright watch services in order to help clients understand the patent filing trends of competitors. IPFIDE consultancy provides a facility called Copyright Watch to keep you updated regarding any such event. Know more...

Frequently Asked Questions

On Which Contents can Copyright be obtained?
Copyright covers: • Works of art (2 or 3 dimensional) • Photos, pictures, graphic designs, drawings and other forms of images; • Songs, music and sound recordings of all kinds; • Books, manuscripts, publications and other written works; and • Plays, movies, shows, and other performance arts.
Does the Title, name or inventions get Copyright?
No the Titles, names, tag lines or inventions and ideas cannot be protected by copyright as government has made a system where titles , names and slogans are protected by Trademark and invention, ideas, processes are protected by Patent.
Is there any procedure to know whether my work or any of its content has previously been registered?
Unfortunately there is no such procedure available to find the work, except to give a thorough check in any of the search engine to find the work on internet.
Which documents do I need to provide while filing a copyright?
You need to provide us with your personal details and address and in case of a company we would require the company address along with the name of the company and 3 copy of your work.
Do I get protection for my work once I have applied for Copyright?
Yes, definitely. If you find that your work has been infringed by anyone you should send a legal notice and if the problem is not resolved you can file a case against him in the court of law.
Is the Copyright only valid in India?
Yes , but if you find anyone using it outside India you can object by showing the proof that this work has been registered by you and you are the owner of the original work.
How long is the Copyright Valid for?
The validity depends on the type of work; if it’s a literary work it is valid 60 years after the death of the author and in case of other works 60 years from the date of publication.
If someone claims that I have infringed their work what should I do?
Initially they will send you a legal notice for which IPFIDE can help you to respond to it. If required, IPFIDE can provide you with a lawyer to fight your case.
Can I sell or transfer a copyright?
Copyright can be licensed, sold, gifted or transferred like any of your assets but only with the consent of the true owner of the work.

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