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Design patent helps to protect the presentation of a concept. Design patent is one of the fastest services provided by the IPR Registry to promote Innovation in India.

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Design Patent registration gives the owner a legal right i.e, registration establishes a public record of the Design claim and acts as an essential evidence in case of any dispute.

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It is a legal protection for the ornamental design, shape, texture, color, material of a product provided by the government. A design for surface ornamentation is inseparable from the article to which it is applied and cannot exist alone. It must be a definite pattern of surface ornamentation, applied to an article of manufacture. It should not include any mode or principle of construction or anything which substance is a mere mechanical device, and does not include and Trademark, Property mark or artistic work.


A design patent is an intangible asset. So to share the idea before filing can end up in serious consequences. If you decide to file a design patent with IPFIDE we guarantee 100% confidentiality and along with that for your trust we sign a Non –Disclosure Agreement (NDA) where both the parties agree to keep the Idea safe only then the procedure will be taken ahead:

Submission of Non- Disclosure Document (NDA)

Before you share the core of the innovation IPFIDE asks you to fill a NDA form that has been framed by our legal assignee. In the form your personal detail along with the basic or complete idea needs to be filled and sent back to us. This document is a contact that both the parties will maintain confidentiality till the Design is grant. Based on the information received further procedures will be proceeded.

Design Search

There are 32 classes available for different category of products when it comes to design patent registration. So before registering any design a mandatory search procedure is recommended to find whether any similar design has been registered in the Patent Registry or no. On the basis of the title of the design provided by you a verification procedure will be conducted by our team to present a report with all the designs that are registered in the category for you to verify if any of them matches with yours.

Filing an Application

After the search if the design of the object is novel, a form needs to be filled which need to be submitted to the registry of design along with four copies of representation of design.


Document Required...! Submit Non Disclosure Form (NDA) Feel free to contact us for more information.

Benefits & Facilities

Design Patent Watch

Once the Design patent has been filed or has been granted there are procedures that need to be taken care of like the renewal, oppositions or litigations. We offer Design patent watch services in order to help clients understand the patent filing trends of competitors. IPFIDE consultancy provides a facility called Design Patent Watch to keep you updated regarding any such event. Know more...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tern of a registered design?
Registration initially confers the rights for a time span of 10 years which can be further extended for 5 more years.
Who all can apply for a design patent?
Anyone who claims to be the proprietor of any new or original design can file an application either by himself, jointly with another person or through a legal representative.
What act destroys the novelty of design?
Prior publication or display or prior use of the design are the actions that would destroy the novelty of the design.
Are the registered designs open for public inspection?
Yes, registered designs are open for public inspection only after publication in the official gazette on payment of prescribed fee of Rs. 500/- on a request by filling a government form.
What are the essential requirements for the registration of ‘design’ under the Designs Act, 2000?
The following criteria should be followed: (1) The design should be new or original, not previously published or used in any country before the date of application for registration. The novelty may reside in the application of a known shape or pattern to a new subject. (2) The design should relate to features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation applied or applicable to an article. Thus, designs of industrial plans, layouts and installations cannot be registered under the Act. (3) The design should be applied or applicable to any article by any industrial process. Normally, designs of artistic nature like painting, sculptures and the like which are not produced in bulk by any industrial process are excluded from registration under the Act. (4) The features of the design in the finished article should appeal to and are judged solely by the eye. This implies that the design must appear and should be visible on the finished article, for which it is meant. (5) Any mode or principle of construction or operation or anything which is in substance a mere mechanical device, will not be a registered design.

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