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Copyright registration gives the owner a legal right i.e. registration establishes a public record of the copyright claim and acts as an essential evidence in case of any dispute.


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Trademark Registration in India

A Trademark is a unique Identity of a product or service which is an intangible asset and is of enormous value. Trademark can be of a word, slogan, logo, graphic, colour combination, sound or even smell. This is beneficial for both, the businesses and the customers because the business can create a reputation in the market and can grow and expand while the customers can take buying decisions by searching out for the brand name, avoiding bad purchasing experiences.


We will send you a form which needs to be filled with the basic details that are asked for before we start with the procedure. Once we have received the form we will proceed with the basic routine that is Trademark Search.If the word/name is available to be applied for TM you are required to send us the image of the logo in JPEG format, in return we will send you a form that needs to be signedand posted back to us. You are eligible to apply TM as soon as your form is received by the registry.

Trademark Search

This is a basic procedure to know whether the name/word you want to get Trademarked, if it has been previously taken by anyone or if it sounds closely to any of the registered ones. Whatever the result (positive/negative), we will send you a report regarding it and will guide you to the further procedures.

Trademark Application

If the result is positive you need to send us the .JPEG file of the picture/logo along with the complete fees. We will forward you a form which you need to sign and post back to us and the application can be applied for multiple classes as per your requirement for which fees will be charged individually.

Trademark Registration

Once the application is received by the Trademark office you are eligible to use the ™ symbol. Then they have a procedure to follow which can take around 10-24 months to get completed(if no objection or opposition is received for the same) and after that you can use the ® Symbol.


Document Required...! Submit Non Disclosure Form (NDA) Feel free to contact us for more information.

Benefits & Facilities

The additional services that are required once the TM has been applied are also provided by IPFIDE like:

Trademark Watch

Once the Trademark has been filed or has been granted there are procedures that needs to be taken care of like the renewal, oppositions or litigations. We offer Trademark watch services in order to help clients understand the patent filing trends of competitors. IPFIDE consultancy provides a facility called Trademark Watch to keep you updated regarding any such event.Know more...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trademark Class?
Trademark Registry has distributed the services and goods in 45 classes. So depending upon the Goods or Services you are providing in the market your name or logo will be registered under the particular class. You can apply the same name/word under multiple classes.
What are the documents required when I file for my Trademark?
An image of the logo in JPEG format along with the address of the individual and his personal details and in case of a company, the name of the company along with its address proof and its certification of Incorporation is required.
When can I use ™ symbol and when can I use ®?
As soon as your application is filed you are eligible to use the ™ symbol but the registration process takes around 10-24 months by the government so once you get through it you are eligible to use the ® Symbol.
What if someone has a similar word trademarked?
In this case you cannot get the word as it has already been taken but all is not over you can design a unique design/logo that contains this word and can apply for the TM. Even you can use a Prefix to the word which is also permissible.
For how many years is the Trademark valid?
It is valid for 10 years from the date of application and it needs to be renewed indefinitely.
Should I file the trademark in my own name?
Usually the large business would prefer to get it in the name of the company but the start-up founders register it under their own name. This is done because even if the start-up company doesn’t work the name will be valid regardless of the company as it is owned by the owner.
Do you guarantee approval of my trademark?
This decision entirely depends on the Government’s Trademark official but if your word or logo is unique there is a high possibility that it will be registered.
What are the circumstances when the TM applications are commonly rejected?
This is a possibility only when the applied word/logo match to an already existing application, or if it is offensive in any way or hurts religious feeling , contains geographical names or nationwide recognised emblems or common word that are ought to create confusion, all of these type can be rejected.
What if there is a mistake in my TM application?
If there is any mistake in the details YOU have provided, we will have to file for modification which will attract additional charges. If there is any mistake regarding the TM applied (word/logo) a new application will have to be filed.
Will my TM application be valid across the world?
No, the applied application will only be valid in India.

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